Friday, June 28, 2013

All the President's Hecklers

So Andrew Loh hurled some vulgarities at the President and has since apologised after public pressure, "The words I used were harsh and insulting, and the sentiments I expressed about the President unfair and untrue."

What made the former WP member, former TOC editor, and current Yahoo writer lapse into an uncouth lout is a big mystery. Maybe problems in his personal life, a bad brush with a neighbour or something equally mundane that happens to all of us. However, as a public figure and activist-journalist, while he added colour to his character, he wasted away his public image by being a foul-mouth monkey and reverted to his crass peasantmonky days in Sammyboy.

Common though for people to be angry and even swear and curse, to swear and curse in public knowing that his rant would spread in the Internet is poor judgement, class and control. Andrew Loh should have been wiser than Rueben Wang, the SAJC student who thought it was cool to swear at DPM Teo Chee Hean. Or more savvy than YPAP member Cheo Ming Shen.  

Maybe that is what Andrew really wanted with Free My Internet in which he was a key party of, to freely verbally and vulgarly abuse anyone.


Anonymous said...

Disagree with your write up maybe I should give the president a go as well?
I really don't see how he can mind. As he is no where to be seen most of the time. Besides I cannot even recall him even having an opinion on anything, so why should he mind what Andrew or anyone has to say about him?

It's not as if, he's even engaged enough to really be around to play a meaning role in the Singapore narrative.

I don't understand the reason for this post.

Bob Tan said...

Andrew Loh should not be allowed to go scot free for insulting the president. Regardless of whether you like him or not he is elected by the people of Singapore. By insulting him you are insulting those who voted for him including myself. I think he should be severely punished by the law.

How can Andrew Loh expect anyone to respect him when he doesn't respect anyone including the president. I think his parents should be blamed for his predicament for they didn't bother to teach him proper manners. I pity his children too for they will grow up to be like him. I hope his children will give him a piece of his own medicine some day. Maybe they have already done so and that's why he is so angry.