Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Another Old Guard Gone

PM Lee Hsien Loong himself admitted, "Without Dr Toh and his fellow Old Guard, this modern, prosperous metropolis that we now take for normal would not exist,".

Dr Toh Chin Chye is another selfless passionate Old Guard who has left Singaporeans and was laid to rest yesterday. According to many positive eulogies and seldom we hear of critical eulogies as people often don't disrespect the dead, he was a man with a sharp mind and tongue. Dr Toh was primarily lionised as a founding leader of PAP and also Singapore by default because of PAP's close ties with Singapore's independence.

In short, Dr Toh kicked out the leftists in the PAP, was PAP chairman from 1954 to 1981, was a former DPM and spent 22 years as a cabinet minister. Nonetheless, the late Lim Chin Siong, another co-founder of the PAP who fell on the different side of the fence later on, would have had different colourful insights to Dr Toh's role in nation-building.

Good bye Dr Toh, and thank you.