Sunday, March 26, 2006


Something to add to this.

Well, I think we need a parliament that is functional, that offers constructive views on policy decision-making. Certainly, the danger of having so many dissenting views is that the parliament becomes dysfunctional and operates as a mere debating shop. But hey, there are clear examples in the world that opposition parties provide viable shadow governments and constructive policy alternatives to those proposed by incumbent governments (eg. Australia's opposition Labor Party & UK's Conservative Party). To be fair, countries like UK and Australia have come a long way, both politically and socially.

IMHO, what really matters when it comes to elections is that the principle of (free & fair) contest be upheld. Surely, elections are about allowing the populace to exercise their choice (ie having alternatives) than making a deliberate attempt to ensure the presence of opposition politicians in parliament. Hey, this means that there must be alternatives for the people to choose from... No walkovers, pls!!! Just look at the recent political saga in Thailand. Well, Thai Premier Thaksin Shinawatra may have declared himself victor in snap polls held over the weekend, but the results will sadly bear the stain of the electoral boycott by Thailand's opposition parties, which has robbed the election of legitimacy...

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